Find your strengths and use them

On our Authenticity workshops (training and facilitation skills), we use a strengths-based feedback model which invites participants to focus on what they did that worked during their practice sessions. It's remarkably challenging for some people to do. If they are anything like me, they find it much easier to run the list of things they didn't do well. We often have to firmly coach people through the process of identifying specific, evidence-based actions they took to deliver well. And it's worth it. We watch people's self belief and confidence grow exponentially over a short period of time. And hopefully instil a practice that they will be able to use every time they are at the front-of-the-room.

Our instinct, aptly supported by our 21 years experience of using this model, is that if we take the time to "take in the good", we can "change our brains, and our lives, for the better."
The following talk by Dr Rick Hanson, a neuroscientist, shows that we can change the structure of our brain by focussing on good events, for just 10 seconds (or more). We can "stick good stuff to the velcro of the brain" and build strong connections, and therefore good memories. The more good memories you have, the happier you will be. Dr Rick Hanson: Take in the good
On Authenticity our intention is not to make you happier (though that's pretty cool), but to also help you identify your natural strengths, build your self confidence and to have you know what works for you.


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